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Why are we less expensive than other companies? What’s the catch?
No catch. Industry average mark-up is 10-40%. We start at 9% and reward our clients by working that number down. How can we afford to charge so much less? We've been working in operations for years, so we know where the best jet options are, and we have relationships with owners and operators all over the world.
Why have you never heard of our company?
It's because we’re new, but not new to the business. In fact, our years of experience in private jet charter is what allows us to keep our prices down.
What does Incentive Jet LLC do with your private information?
We respect your personal information and keep it in our private database. We never sell or solicit clients’ records to any third party. All details are held in complete confidence.
Do we ever charter less safe aircraft to cut costs?

Absolutely not. All operators with which we do business are required to comply with all applicable federal and other safety requirements. Please see our Safety page for more information.

Since you are paying less, do you get less?
No. You get the same jets, service and safety as you would with any other company. In fact, you get even more of a say when it comes to your aircraft. With most companies, they pick the jet you fly on. With Incentive Jet LLC, you are presented with a menu of options and we help you pick the one that is right for you.
What are some of the incentives we offer?
Not only do we reward repeat customers with Percent Slide Booking, but we also reward you for referrals. For each confirmed new flyer you recommend, we credit your account with $500 towards your next flight.
Are there blackout dates?
We believe in taking care of our clients no matter what day it is. There is no such thing as blackout dates. We need 5 hrs or less to get you in the air from the moment we can confirm a signature on our contract and funds for the charter. Of course, we recommend booking holiday and event charters well in advance to secure availability and options.
How do you calculate pricing for different type jets and trips?
All quotes are dictated by a snapshot of current market conditions. We track, qualify, select, and book the best aircraft at any moment in time. It's more work on our end, but this produces optimal pricing for you. A lot of companies have set prices for trips and will list them on their website. You will usually pay more for each trip, and definitely will pay more over the long run.
How do you book a flight?
Simple. Give us a call with your trip details, we’ll provide you with a menu of jet options and costs, and away we go.


Incentive Jet LLC does not own, manage, or operate any aircraft. We act on behalf of you, the customer, to procure air charter from certified Part 135 Operators.
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