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percentslide2The pricing at Incentive Jet is probably the most noticeable difference from other jet charter companies. That’s because we offer a very unique program called Percent Slide Booking. 

With Percent Slide Booking, it’s all about transparency. When you book a trip with us, we’ll show you specific jets and exactly how much we are being charged for them. No, that’s not a typo. We show you the actual numbers we are being charged. That way you can pick the specific jet you want based on price, size, age, or whatever is important to you.  

Whereas most jet charter companies are secretly marking up anywhere between 10% and 40% and there’s no way for you to know exactly how much, we openly mark up 9% from that number you saw. And that’s just to begin with. As you book more trips with us, that percentage gradually decreases down to 7%. We call it Percent Slide Booking.

Incentive Jet LLC does not own, manage, or operate any aircraft. We act on behalf of you, the customer, to procure air charter from certified Part 135 Operators.
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