Incentive Jet

A Charter company that works for you!

About Incentive Jet


What is the difference between Incentive Jet and other companies? Our  background. Unlike most charter brokerage companies that start in  sales, our background is in operations. Which means not only do we know  where the best jets are, but we also have relationships with owners and  operators around the world. Translation— you’ll pay less for exactly the  same jets, service and safety. 

But that’s not the only thing that makes us unique. Honesty is one  of our strongest core values. As you’ll see in our pricing section, we  will gladly discuss how much we are being charged by owners and  operators. No secrets here. And if you start flying with us regularly,  we’ll reward you with even lower prices, as much as 40% less than other  companies. It’s all because of our background in operations that we’re able to provide better service and charge so much less than our competitors.