Incentive Jet

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Safety, Safety, and more Safety-

Nothing is more important to us than contracting the best  safety  possible in this industry. Incentive Jet has stringent internal and external requisites that must be met for an operator to be eligible for our program. 

Confirmation of operator being both FAA approved and Aviation Research Group/US, Inc. (ARG/US) ( and/or Wyvern Consulting Ltd. (  safety compliant. These are considered the best undisputed and unbiased  third party auditors in the industry checking records on operational  safety, aircraft maintenance, and crew training. 

On file a copy of each operator’s Part 135 Air Carrier Certificate  (proving a legitimate and FAA certified company to conduct on-demand air charter and air taxi operations for hire) and their DO-85 (a certified  listing of specific aircraft issued through the FAA authorized to  conduct operations under 14 CFR Part 135 specifications). Incentive Jet LLC does not maintain liability insurance for any aircraft. At Client's request, Incentive Jet will have the operator add Client, Client's passengers, and/or Client's company listed as additional insureds on operators aircraft liability policy.