Incentive Jet

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Commonly used Aircraft


The following is a list of jets we commonly charter at Incentive Jet.  If you do not see a specific jet  that you  like, however, do not  hesitate to ask us for it. We're happy to find it for you whenever possible.

Light Jets (Average seating 5-7 passengers)

Beech Jet 400A 

Cessna CJ1 

Cessna CJ2 

Cessna CJ3

Citation II 

Citation SII 

Citation Bravo

Citation Encore 

Citation Ultra 

Citation V 

Diamond 1A 

Falcon 10 

Hawker 400XP 

Learjet 31 

Learjet 35 

Learjet 40 

Phenom 300

Ratheon Premier 1

Westwind I 

Westwind II

Midsize Jets (Average seating 6-8 passengers)

Astra SPX 

Citation III 

Citation VI 

Citation VII 

Citation Excel 

Citation XLS 

Falcon 20 

Gulfstream 100 

Hawker 700 

Hawker 800 

Hawker 800XP 

Hawker 850 XP 

Hawker 900XP 

Hawker 1000 

Learjet 55 

Learjet 60

Super Midsize Jets (Average seating 7-9 passengers)

Challenger 300

Citation Latitude 

Citation Sovereign 

Citation X 

Falcon 50 

Gulfstream 200 

Hawker 4000

Heavy Jets (Average seating 9-15 passengers) 

Challenger 600 

Challenger 601 

Challenger 604 

Embraer Legacy 

Falcon 900 

Falcon 2000 

Global Express 

Gulfstream 300 

Gulfstream 400 

Gulfstream 450 

Gulfstream 500 

Gulfstream 550 

Gulfstream II 

Gulfstream III 

Gulfstream IV 

Gulfstream V